Gregory Desrosiers

Side Projects


MLH Holo HangFigure

Can you guess the hard word in this Hangman clone?

MLH Tic-Hac-Noe

Play one-on-one with a friend to get six in a row, column, or diagonal! DevPost posting

GPD Sliding Cannon

Can you knock down those orbs with your cannon that can slide? DevPost posting

GPD Pong

First Unity project ever published for public use. Also on Google Play and on Newgrounds


Fan-based Personal Website (Personal Website v2.0)

Big expansion of my original website for sharing more of myself.

Personal Website v1.0

Original website I made in Winter 2015.

Traffic & The River Music Videos - Promotion Site

Promoting two videos I made, Traffic & through a college project

Software Applications


An open-source Ruby script / iOS app / Android app to approximately calculate amount of laundry detergent for different loads. Read this blog to see how the app was made.

The Desrosiers Mechanics Teaching Tool - Lite Version

Integrative project done at college for my college degree. Written in Java.

Gregory Desrosiers' Animated Balls

A random project made in Java for repainting different coloured balls on screen.


Boucherville Elementary School Graduation Ceremony

Oh, my, I was still a freak with too many emotions at that time!

The Fast And The Furious (Arcade Game)

I demonstrate two races of this arcade game by Raw Thrills, Inc.

Ace Driver Victory Lap (Arcade Game) - Overview

I demonstrate some finite details about one of Namco's racers from 1995; Ridge Racer, but faster and more Indy or Formula 1 style like!

Java Programming - Rock Paper Scissors

A tutorial on how I programmed Rock Paper Scissors in Java.

Some Projects I Tried Building

ProcCity (January 2017)

A city generator to generate cities in modular form, built using Unity 5.

GPD Baddle (Fall 2016)

An Arkanoid clone built in 3D with Unity, experimenting with texture mapping and 3D modelling using Blender.

UW AutShell

A terminal shell written in C# mimicking the behaviors of a child with autism.

Freaky Bomb Freak (September 2015)

A Bomberman clone written in Java with the ability to procedurally generate levels.
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