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1B Software Engineering, University of Waterloo

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Hello there! I'm Gregory Desrosiers, a Software Engineering student at University of Waterloo! I am delighted to present to you my own personal website.

I am currently working as a research assistant developer in association with UWaterloo's Conrad Centre.



Caffeine Hunter - Scribbler Bot Project

Scribbler Robot

As part of my first university semester, me and some of my classmates in Software Engineering had to do a project on a simple and cheap robot. For our project, we developed an image processing algorithm to guide the robot towards a cola can covered with some coloured paper, along with the Myro modules that came with both the robot and the Fluke board. Presented here is the formal report produced for our results on the project.

Blog Postings:

To Be Successful or Not to Be Successful

UWaterloo Engineering - Fall 2014 Orientation: Battle of the Bands

I gave out a lot of stress and pressure within myself from starting university after one boring summer; otherwise, this is simply something I have wrote on how I was able to pass my first term, only to identify so many problems encountered along the way, as well as building on the ability to self-reflect on what were some of my personal troubles at that time.

GitHub Repository:

The Desrosiers Mechanics Teaching Tool

The Desrosiers Mechanics Teaching Tool Logo

This was an initial practical project of my knowledge of Java, including AWT, Swing, inheritance, and multithreading. Here, I implemented a full PC application where it was meant to be a tool to help other students at Champlain College Saint-Lambert out with mechanical physics. Originally, it was to implement all the chapters I've covered from Richard Wolfson's Essential University Physics 2nd Edition Volume 1, the textbook used in my college course on mechanical physics taken in Fall 2012.

Click on the picture to download the compressed project; you'll need to use an extraction tool to open and view the files on your OS file explorer because this is a folder compressed as a Microsoft Windows .ZIP file.

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